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Early Learning at DOT Tot

Each child matters

DOT Tot's educational program is designed to enhance each child's feeling of self worth and curiosity about the world. Activities for both group and individual needs are designed to promote each child's social, intellectual and physical development.


Open curriculum

DOT Tot has an open curriculum. Equipment and toys are kept on open shelves. The rooms are inviting, warm and colorful. Multi-cultural activities and awareness are emphasized, and open, on-going dialogue is encouraged between parents and staff.


Infant/Toddler Program Theory

Our Infant/Toddler Program is based on the "Resources for Infant Educators" (RIE) philosophy, which views the child as an initiator, explorer and self-learner.  By treating the child as an active participant in the things that concern him or her, the child learns to solve problems and develop into a whole person. To help build security and trust, behavioral limits are clearly defined.


Preschool Program

The DOT Tot preschool experience includes the development of:


  • Listening and Reading Skills

  • Body Awareness

  • Language Arts

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • Mathematical Concepts

  • Arts Exploration


Pre-Kindergarten activities are offered each year on an individual basis to children who are on-track to begin Kindergarten the next fall.  Something that is important to us here at DOT Tot is that the curriculum be a fun experience for the children. We want our kids to want to participate in learning activities. By providing the children with fun activities, we encourage and invite them into their learning instead of forcing it. 

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