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Tigger Bugs and Lady Bugs Room (2-3 year olds)

The Tigger Bug room is located near the Pooh Room and the Lady Bug room is located to the side of the Honey Bee Class.

This was originally one classroom of 12 that has now become two classrooms, due to limiting our class sizes to 10 children or less per suggestion of the CDC. This group has one teacher for every 6 children. The two classrooms will spend most of their time separate but on occasion children will work with the other room. Although the kids are split between two rooms, they are one class that works on the same activities. They learn shapes, colors, curriculum themes, and they begin ABC’s/123’s. We have two goals for this class, (1) to teach social skills and (2) restroom learning.

  • We emphasize sharing, and strive to teach the children how to get along with each other.

  • We assist the children to take care of their restroom needs on their own. If they are in diapers we will continue to provide them, if they are in “Pull-Ups” parents are required to provide them.


The children normally stay in this group until they are 3 years old, fully restroom learned, and emotionally ready to be with the next age group.

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