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Virtual Tour of DOT Tot

The office is the first stop when entering DOT Tot. We have a Parent Table with a Lending Library, Parent Information, and Tablets to sign your child in via the Brightwheel program.  For parents that prefer a touch-free sign in/out, Brightwheel allows you to download the application and scan the bar code on the tablets in the office with your phone to scan it.  For those that prefer pen and paper, there is a binder with sanitized pens and a place to put used pens to be sanitized.  Staff mailboxes are housed on this table as well.

There is a mailbox where above the Director’s desk. Parents can use this box to leave confidential information for the Director, Accident and / or Incident Forms, as well as re tuition payments.The Director is the first line of communication about how the Center operates and is always open to Parent questions, comments, suggestions, and / or concerns.


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