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Parent Testimonials

"I really enjoy the email updates the Gina sends.  I equally enjoy Brightwheel.  I was hesitant to download the app originally, but now that I have, I love the updates posted, especially the pictures.  It is also nice knowing when my kids are checked out.  When I was home on maternity leave, it was perfect.  I would start dinner as soon as I got the notification, and dinner was ready when my husband and daughter walked in the door. 


I’m extremely happy to have two daughters at Dot Tot."


--Cristy Burke, DOT Tot Mom


"Dot Tot’s staff are like family to us. They treat our children with gentle care and express genuine concern for their well-being. Dot Tot has little staff turnover, so our children enjoy a continuity of care we have found lacking at other daycares. As working parents, we are at ease knowing our children are loved and nurtured at Dot Tot."

--The May Family


"Our family loves DOT TOT Child Care Center.  The staff are warm, welcoming, and display a genuine interest in my daughter's continuing growth and development - physically, mentally and emotionally.  We can go to work worry-free, because we know she's having a good time with people we trust...and learning a lot in the process!"

--Erin Pipegrass, DOT Tot Mom


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Alexa Young, Product Manager

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