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Donation Opportunities

DOT Tot’s Amazon Wish List

DOT Tot has started an Amazon Wish List to provide an easy way for parents to help purchase items the Center needs.

To access DOT Tot’s Wish List, click on this link or copy and paste it into your web browser:

Once in the wish list:
Click the yellow “Remember” button in the left column to add DOT Tot to your friends list so you can easily access it any time you log in to your Amazon account.
Once you’ve added DOT Tot to your Friends List, you can access the list by clicking on the Accounts & Lists drop-down menu, go to the Your Account column on the right and select Your Lists.
At the next screen, click on the Your Friends tab and click on DOT Tot.
You can select DOT Tot Wish List and see the items that Gina has added to the list.
You can help out the Center by purchasing some needed items every now and then. Just go to the list, add an item or two to your cart, and check out like normal. The item can be delivered directly to DOT Tot by selecting DOT Tot’s Gift Registry Address under Shipping. Even gifting the Center with something like a toilet seat goes a long way! These small contributions really help us out!

DOT Tot and Amazon Smile 

Don’t forget about supporting DOT Tot through Amazon Smile! Another easy way to use your Amazon account to help the Center at no cost to you, just through making purchases you are making anyway!


  1. In the top left corner of the page, click on ‘Supporting’ and click ‘Change’.

  2. Search for ‘DOT Tot Center’ and hit the ‘Select’ button

  3. Be sure to make your purchases through and a portion of your purchase on eligible items will be donated directly to the Center.


For more information, check out the Amazon Smile Information Page:

DOT Tot and Box Tops

DOT Tot participates in the Box Tops for Education program, which donates a portion of your purchase directly to the center.

The Box Tops for Education program is currently phasing out using the physical box tops that are clipped off of boxes of participating products, but you can still clip them and put them in the Box Tops box at the Center on the counter by the front door.

The program is switching to a mobile app format where you can see lists of participating products, scan receipts, and keep track of the money you earn for the center. It’s easy, free, and fun!
Download the Box Tops for Education app on your phone from either the App Store (Apple phones) or Google Play.

Once downloaded, open the app and choose DOT Tot.

Look for the Box Tops for Education labels on items when doing your normal shopping.
After making your purchases, open up the app and scan your receipt. The app will automatically find all of the participating items, and $0.10 will be donated to the Center for each item you purchased.

You will be surprised how quickly your purchases add up to cash for the Center. The app keeps track of your donations and total donations to the Center.


The list of participating products can be found here: 

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