Welcome to the Pre-K Class (The Sunbeam's)

About The Sunbeam's Class

The Sunbeam Class is our Kindergarten-readiness program for 4- and 5-year-olds. Our Pre-K class maintains a lower than mandated ratio (10 children to 1 teacher, rather than a 12 to 1 ratio). This lower ratio provides your child with more one on one attention and gives the class the opportunity to participate in activities that wouldn't be possible otherwise. We know that there are many things the children need to know before they move on to "big school" - and we want to help them through that process. Our Sunbeam's Pre-K curriculum follows a standard school year calendar (September through May).  All classroom programming and activities are geared toward preparing students for their next big step, and include being able to write their own names, advanced counting and number concepts, and phonics concepts.


Meet Our Teachers

Shakeea “Keea” Frazier - Teacher

I joined DOT Tot in the summer of 2015. I come from a family where I’m an older sister of 13 children. I love working with children and helping them develop. This is my first teaching position and I enjoy the comfort of DOT Tot very much. The children and fellow teachers are great.

Classroom Wish List

  • Laminating sheets

  • Mini pumpkins for decorating (total of 7)

  • Pictures of farms and animals for making collages

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