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Welcome to the Elmo's Class

About the Elmo's Class

The Elmo Class is for toddlers approximately 12- to 24-months old.  The children in this classroom have a lot of freedom to explore their environment and develop social skills with their teachers and peers.  They are also introduced to early shape and color concepts through interactive music and rhyme games lead by the classroom teachers.


Meet Our Teachers

Elizabeth “Liz” Anderson – Lead Teacher

I have been with DOT Tot since it opened in 1983.  My passion is to work with the Toddlers.  This age group presents so many growth milestones that it is hard to keep up with them all.  We watch the children go from just barely being able to walk to full on running.  We see them transition from bottles to sippy cups – some happily some need our help and comfort to get through missing their comfortable bottle.  We do art with the children, go outside, sing songs, and do lots of other fun activities.  DOT Tot’s family atmosphere has made it a place that I enjoy coming to everyday and has kept me here all these years.

Yolanda Montes – Teacher's Aide

I have been with DOT Tot since September 1985.  I like working with the toddlers because I really enjoy watching how they interact with one another.  I enjoy watching them go from playing on their own to interacting and starting to play with other children.  DOT Tot is my family away from home.  It is a place where I know I will be supported and have friends that I can depend on.

Yolanda Ortiz - Teacher

I joined DOT Tot in Sept of 2022.  I have over 36 years of experience working with children and have worked with all age groups.  I even had my own family child home for many years.  I enjoy working with children by providing them with a loving and caring environment and meeting their needs.  My favorite activity with children is just being there for them. 

Classroom Wish List

  • Construction Paper (all colors)

  • Copies (ask Liz)

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