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Gina L. Queral, Director


I have been with DOT Tot since July 2005.  I have worked with all age groups and love being a part of the growth and development of young children.  I have been certified by The Program for Infant and Toddler Caregivers (PITC) which is a specialized training for the care of children 3 and under.  DOT Tot is as close to a family feel as you can get in a center based program.  The longevity of some of the caregivers has made them friends with a desire to help one another.  My goal is to provide the best possible care in an atmosphere that encourages the children’s learning in a manner that is fun and promotes their desire to learn.  My door is always open to parent questions, comments, and concerns.

I love working for a Non-Profit Child Care.  In my many years in this field I have worked for both types of centers (non-profit/for profit.)  The difference is incredible.  I've seen for profit centers that cut back when it was not in the best interest of the children, simply because the profit margin was too low.  In the non-profit centers that does not happen.  If cut backs are made, it's to meet monthly obligations, and the best interest of the children is always taken into consideration first. We do our best to make our families priority!

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